a new intermedia platform. inspired by literary journals, public access television programming, shortwave radio, zine and small press publishing, and other private press practices. the main thrust of the project is a print biannual publication that features work that moves fluidly across modes but lands squarely on a page. other releases and broadcasts include audio, video, digital performance, and more.

(early in the growing season)

A time-based "land art gag" in my backyard, performed and documented Spring thru Summer 2019. Built around my lawnmower running out of gas halfway through a mowing, and eventually leading to considerations of habitat regeneration, invasive species dynamics, questioning the patriarchal legacy of Eurocentric horticultural practices, and a "mow-hawk" pun.

The central strip of my relatively groomed backyard was left unmowed for an entire season. Invasive species, namely creeping charley (Glechoma hederacea) overran the strip. Eventually a catalpa tree (Catalpa speciosa) sprouted and took root.

(late in the growing season. note the catalpa tree)

("the artist" with apt signage found in a nearby forest preserve)

(a risograph print based on above found signage given to fans of grass)

The growth and shape of this strip was documented weekly on social media channels, and was eventually cut at the end of the season (see video below), revealing a dramatically altered landscape.

Hexagonal stoneware guitar slides glazed with celadon glaze and black iron oxide details. Made, glazed, and fired by me here in Chicago. 5 of the faces of the slide are glassy and smooth, making for a classic ceramic guitar slide sound. The 6th face of the slide is unglazed and very reactive to steel strings, making for a wonderful textural experimental guitar tool. A limited edition batch of ten of these custom slides are available to purchase via my bandcamp.

Buy one/listen to some improvisations made with these slides here: