A four-panel comic doodle pointing to current events concerning Black Lives in America. Adapting a pedagogy infographic and turning it in a radical direction that supports the dismantling of forces that oppress people through systemic matters. Please stay focused on the goal: protest, donate, educate yourself, find ways to be involved.

A speculative mockumentary profiling a character whose ability to transform into a werewolf and also to play jazz drums has been inhibited by a political inauguration. Equally blue and tender; made in a very trepidatious moment of American politics that, now, four years later, feels somehow less uncanny.

Made in the final semester of graduate studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for the Systems of Writing course taught by Matthew Goulish.

a selection of music videos created from 2011-2017 for various m. sage releases on various labels. source material for these videos includes combinations of motion animation, LCD screen capture, data-bending, computer generated and manipulated imagery, photographs, scans, text, computer coding, video, and film photography.