A trio of Gianni Andreatta, Zander Raymond and myself performing live in my backyard for Experimental Sound Studios + Cached.Media The Quarantine Concert Series.

Created from Fall of 2020 thru Summer of 2021, these four albums were recorded collaboratively/remotely by Chris Jusell, Chaz Prymek, Patrick Shiroishi and myself. Each album is designed to evoke a season. Several of these titles received praise from Pitchfork Media, NPR, and other notable publications. Channeling ECM and cool jazz, ambient, folk, post rock, and many other genres into a confluence of melodic, emotive, and playful compositions. These CDs were released in limited editions on Cached.Media and are now available digitally. A boxset of these albums will be released in November of 2021.


A new album out now on Geographic North. Eschewing the well-trod synthesis on previous releases, The Wind of Things is an exploration of 100% acoustic sound. Field recordings, strings, piano, reeds, percussion, woodwinds all eddy into a confluence of whirling melodies. Accompanied by a bevy, the Spinnaker Ensemble, the sound is both dense and interwoven but also as light as air. An oblation to wind-blown mountains and lakes from my childhood, to memories, to the adventure of weather.

Album design by Farbod Kokabi. Mastering by Sean McCann.

Shirts were made; designed by me; featuring the script writ by Stefán Kjartansson for the cover; printed by Bitmap press in Chicago.