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Setsubun (節分) is the winter entry into an ongoing project of social-distance collaboration between a quartet: Chris Jusell, Chaz Prymek, Patrick Shiroishi.

Continuing the exploration from Fuubutsushi, this album finds our group exploring cold weather or that especially dark stretch between January and March. Violin, guitars, saxophones, keys, percussion, samples, and other drifts of audio accumulate as the days grow longer. A chance to shake the dust and demons from the eve before the rebirth of spring. Released on Cached.Media.

Woo'd Early is an album created under the moniker Free Dust. Released by Past Inside the Present.

A minimal studio arrangement -- electric guitar, a few effect pedals, a cassette 4-track machine -- serve as a creative constraint. Layers of fluttering magnetic guitar wave-forms are compiled, interwoven, and compressed into 40 minutes of sky-gazing minimal compositions. Music for early mornings spent at the window surveying the sky.

This music was recorded by me at home in 2019. The album art was designed by me. The audio was mastered for vinyl by Stephan Mathieu.


A collection of four sound collage compositions created solely using samples from Anthony Hopkins' instagram posts from March 2020 - February 2021. Beginning in a tender and hopeful place, the tone matches Hopkins' as quarantine drags on. The final piece uses his documentation of receiving his first dose of the covid vaccine. Hopkins' piano playing, poetry recitations, ad libbed conversations with his pets and statutes, and snippets of advertisements combine to create a surreal document of Quarantine with Tony. Not available for download. Stream via soundcloud.