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Matthew J. Sage : Intermedia Worklog
a poorly maintained catalog of various works past to present


A 9 part mailorder serial story (approx. 130 pages of text) that also included other risograph printed ephemera, vinyl stickers, and other "evidence."

A novel-length journey split across 9 chapbooks detailing a deep dig through the evidence locker of Jacques Dupont, a fur trader who was plucked from time and sent by an unseen force on a quest to collect evidence surrounding a series of lights seen in the sky over early America. Through his journeys he encounters farmers, Native Americans, ship captains, cattle ranchers, grannies, loggers, hippie gurus, lost souls, and newborns.

Throughout the subscription, subscribers were sent digital downloads of an album of music which is now available digitally below. It is called "Wild Manifest." This music should serve as a soundtrack to accompany the documents and their exploration.

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