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Matthew J. Sage : Intermedia Worklog
a poorly maintained catalog of various works past to present


An intermedia installation installed at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago Illinois for the SAIC MFA exhibition in Spring of 2016. Please watch the video lecture above for in-depth background on the process, components, and ideologies here.

Exploring the ideas of patrilineal inheritance, family trees, biblical annotations, breaking of bread, breaking of texts, songs and psalms, David (the king), David (the Sage family Patriarch), and costly books.

Components included spoken texts and readings, computer manipulated recordings of air organs, archival texts manipulated by javascripts and html, wall-drawings and installation.

material testing for installations (handmade graphite stumps, handmade bone pastels, gesso on paper)

lineage and material testing abstractions (graphite and bone pastel on paper)

bound book annotation explorations (charcoal and laserjet text on paper)

(installation documentation: projected text, handmade graphite stump, gesso, sound)

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