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"The Performance Artist Theory"

OVERVIEW: This is a theory proposed by Matthew Sage, a researcher and professor, that claims that all conspiracy theorists, cryptid hunters, alien scientists, ghost explorers, supernatural youtubers, theologians, priests, mystics, etc... and other similar cultural figures are an affiliated collective of performance artists.

Though not all directly networked or working cohesively together, this collection of performers, researchers, writers, artists, content creators, and media personalities are working in a collective effort to perform an alternate version of humanity.

Though the objective of these performances are unknown -- as in, the goals of these performers is unclear apart from creating sensational distraction from reality -- their cohesive/disjointed webs of misinformation, acting, untruth, and general engagement with disreality create a dynamic and unsettlingly surreality that exists in parallel to collective human Truth.

ORIGINS: Historically echoing the proposed "Illuminati" and similar secret societies, there is no definitive evidence to the origins of this collective of performance artists. It could be argued that this kind of performance art stretches all the way back to ancient cultures and their practices of religion; all, arguably, performance arts. As the internet and media connectivity skyrocketed in the 21st century, the performance of these "works" migrated away from sacred spaces, subcultures, and sleep overs and now exists en masse on the internet.

EXAMPLES: "Works" have been performed throughout history; here is an incomplete list.

  • Faith healings

  • Any/all propagators of Monster lore:

    • Big foot hunters​

    • Mythic ghost story tellers

    • Biblical/Revelations realists

  • Ouiji Board operators

  • Psychics/Fortune Tellers

  • UFO conference attendees

  • Acts of "supernatural experience"

    • Angelic/demonic visitations/possessions

    • Near Death Experiences / Transcendences

    • "Voice of God" moments

    • Speaking to animals

    • Transsubstantiation

    • Stigmata

  • Reptilians/Greys

  • Qanon

  • Anti-vax "researchers"

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