cached is an intermedia platform based in chicago, illinois.


by matthew sage

cached does not accept "demo submissions" but is always looking for artists and collaborators

to contact, please email:


  • bandcamp
  • youtube
  • instagram
  • discord



physical / objects


cached produces and distributes limited edition sound/print/art objects showcasing audio, video, text, image, and non-direct works wherein artists collaborate with one another

some objects are interactive

some objects are wearable

you can purchase available objects via bandcamp

several independent retailers distribute cached titles including tomentosa records (usa) and tobira records (japan)




stream / video


cached streams live and prerecorded media objects on a semi-regular basis through   twitch


screening times and events are posted on the cached

instagram page or announced via email newsletter

you can watch archived performances and streams on the cached youtube




cached actively donates profits from our projects to social causes selected by cached and the artists we collaborate with

these are causes aimed at equality and social justice

all art is political, and cached is aimed at being proactively engaged by turning our collaborative abstractions into viable and beneficial actions

cached collects funds for donation through drives during live streams and through sales of digital and physical objects from bandcamp

cached raised funds and donated nearly $2600 in 2020 to:

my block my hood my city

naacp legal defense fund

national black trans advocacy

assatta's daughters

gideon's army

progressives everywhere

voters rights via act blue

the bail project

climate defense project

planned parenthood





cached engages through the sharing of information.

please explore the document(s) below.

cached.media mmxxi -- if you've made it this far and still have questions, welcome to the club