Matthew J. Sage
b. 1987

Born in Colorado. Worked in Chicago. Back in Colorado.


An American musician and intermedia artist. Work exploring the overlaps of classical/historical artistic publishing models and disruptive/democratized digital intermedia experiences.
Ran an acclaimed record label, Patient Sounds, for ten years, releasing 130+ cassettes, records, CDs, and booklets by artists from around the world.

Has published poems and stories and photos and art in various publications, issued numerous music objects on many record labels, performed more than 200+ concerts in a variety of venues and settings, and created or collaborated on intermedia art installations/performances at several major American art institutions.


An artist and educator who works with most medias.
As interested in the old stuff as much as the new stuff.

Teaching media studies at NEIU. 
Creating music/art objects/experiences
both alone and collaboratively.

Editor and operator of Cached.Media.
Working in the garden.



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